crucifixion in blue

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crucifixion in blue
Although I am usually not go into church I was really impressed by the illumination in the cathedrale at the Luminale in Frankfurt. The colors where always changing. This one I liked the most, it has almost a scary feeling. No post processing done.


  1. Wow. Das sieht sehr aussergewöhnlich aus. Toll !

  2. Interesting shot. the colors are very strong. the scene too. i like it.

  3. interesting atmosphere

  4. The sharp, contrasting colors and the deep shadows create an intimidating scene.

  5. Awesome image, very dramatic. I love the vibrant colors here especially the red.

  6. Love the dark tones! Very scary as you say…

  7. Wow! Dante's Inferno – cool!

  8. Lots of grave symbols and garrulous details captured, powered by dramatic color lighting, leaves very strong impressions to me…

  9. strong colors, the angle works fine for me, it looks like something from the night of the living dead.

  10. What a sinister feeling this one has to it, the deep red makes me think of hell more than heaven!

  11. apocalyptique, infernal, bien vu

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