crown of light

Posted by on April 14, 2008 in Frankfurt, Luminale08 | 16 comments

crown of light
Another shot from the Luminale in Frankfurt. In this shot, I particularly liked how the light emerged behind the sky scraper in the foreground almost like a crown. No post-processing done on this shot.


  1. Klasse Bild, vor allem die Spiegelungen im Wasser gefallen mir sehr gut.

  2. Trop beau

  3. This is a superb shot. Awesome

  4. Excellent capture, the heavy clouds really suites the scenery.

  5. Gefällt mir ja noch besser als das Erste aus dieser Serie.

  6. Wow, real cool image!
    Maybe you can give the sky a tad more color when you take the shot a little bit earlier. But anyway, great image!

  7. Diese Aufnahme ist erste Sahne! Kompliment.

  8. This series is becoming better and better each time.

  9. Thats an impressive image! Love the lighting and details.

  10. such great lighting. makes this shot so dynamic. good stuff!

  11. Nice timing with the lights!

  12. cooler fotostil, hat was.

  13. Simply beautiful night time shot. Of course the lighting is brilliant.

  14. super schoene Nachtaufnahme. da passt einfach alles.

  15. light every were!!, great composition tom, you recreated the ambience of the festival perfectly.

  16. This one looks amazing! it makes me thing of the movie "Contact of the thired kind" So cool..

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