in the eye of the bull

Posted by on April 17, 2008 in Frankfurt, Luminale08 | 7 comments

in the eye of the bull
Taken at the Luminale in Frankfurt. The old exchange building was one of the most impressive illuminated buildings. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only photographer who thought so 🙂


  1. The colors and reflections in this are wonderful not to mention the perspective of this statue!

  2. Taking the bull by the horns, I see. Great shot.

  3. Oh wow – great colors and…that bull just kind of jumps right out at you!

  4. Grossartig Farben. Ist die Börse in Frankfurt?

  5. Love the warm colours! Excellent detail as well. Very nice images.

  6. Great angle on this shot. You are amazing with capturing colors and lighting. Excellent image.

  7. Der Stimmung nach wäre der Bär passender, aber es geht ja um die Fotografie, und das ist Dir sehr gut gelungen.

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