Finally I did it

Posted by on December 2, 2012 in Blogpost | 3 comments

Finally I migrated my blog from Pixelpost ot WordPress. Since Pixelpost is not being support any longer, I was mulling that idea for quite some time. Eventually, it took me about two weeks to really execute the migration. Although the script from ElevenTwentySix did a great job with the Pixelpost to WordPress migration, I wanted to fold in my WordPress blog where I hosted my travel reports. This merging turned out to be a lot of effort since I had to deal with duplicate ids and such things.

There are still some minor things to be done which I will do over the next days. But I needed to switch over now in order to not get out of sync with the comments I already had migrated. The comments on my last three uploads were copied over by me manually which means that the comment submission times are not accurate. I hope nobody has a problem with that.

Let me know what you think about the new design. Any feedback is highly appreciated.


  1. Tom, I think your newly designed site looks GREAT! Really shows off your work well and feels contemporary. Thanks for the inspiration. It’s something I know I need to do to mine but the task seems overwhelming! Just need to find those two extra weeks. Congrats on your efforts.

  2. Hallo Tom, die Umstellung hat sich gelohnt und wird sich sicherlich auch weiterhin lohnen. Hatte zu Beginn auch Pixelpost, hab aber schon länger auf WP umgestellt. Die Möglichkeit damit sind sehr vielfältig. Auch die Möglichkeit Fotoblog und Blog mit Artikeln gleichzeitig laufen zu lassen, find ich gut.
    Dein Layout ist sehr ansprechend. Alles Gute, Ben

  3. Ups, ich war schon so l a n g e nicht mehr hier, so muß ich doch im alten Jahr noch einmal kurz hier vorbeischauen (im nächsten Jahr wird es wieder mehr – versprochen !)
    Ein wunderbares Design hast Du Dir für Deinen Blog ausgesucht – gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut !!!

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