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Although she is nailed down, she seems to be in good mood 🙂


  1. Love the hdr-style colors here.. really help to enhance all the details in this picture.. cool!

  2. Oh, die Arme – sooo gefangen. Ich dachte es gäbe keine Hexenverbrennungen mehr 😉

  3. Nice processing, it looks a lot like Lucis Art, I just love the strong contrasts and color!

  4. A funny scene! La pauvre, je crois qu'elle va avoir du mal

  5. Wechsel ins HDRi Lager? 😉 .. schaut klasse aus

  6. Love the HDR processing – i presume that is such.

    I don't understand why is 'she' laughing, it seems that people who tied 'her' up are doing a witch hunt and preparing to burn the poor sorceress on the pyre!

    Just joking of course 😉

  7. That's pretty creepy – but a great shot!

  8. This is one of your best captures. COngratulations.

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