winter walk

Posted by on January 27, 2013 in B&W, Landscape, Nature | 10 comments

Before the snow has melted completely and we are in the middle of spring I need to interrupt my Myanmar stream of images for at least one winter impression. After the snow fall and ice rain of last week I had yesterday the first chance to go out and enjoy the ice and snow ladden trees.


  1. Beautiful view into this enchanted winter wonderland. I like the forest trail leading the eye deep into the image.

  2. Beautiful scenery. Lovely.

  3. beautiful winter interpretation in white dominant

  4. Fab!

  5. Wonderful shot

  6. beautiful winter shot, love how the converging lines lead the eye to the couple

  7. lovely 🙂

  8. A touch of wintry magic – and the inclusion of the two figures adds the final superb touch.

  9. Finde ich gelungen die Belichtung so “hochzuziehen”, auch gut gewĂ€hltes Format. – Das war ich … nun mit Name. 😉

  10. Die Tiefe des Bildes, diese Kontraste, die Winterstimmung – gefĂ€llt mir sehr gut!

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