floating ice

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For me one of the most amazing places in Iceland was the area around the glacier Vatnajökull. The glacier calves into a lake which has a connection to the sea. Thus, smaller and larger iceblock are slowly floating towards the sea where they being pushed towards the beach. For every photographer and absolutely amazing place!


  1. This image really does have a magical, dreamy feel to it. Very beautiful, Tom!

  2. This image totally illustrates why it’s an amazing place for photographers. I really like how you’ve used a long shutter speed to emphasise the contrast between the soft water and the hard ice, further enhanced by the almost monochrome water surface behind the green ice.

  3. wunderful picture!

  4. Auf die “Eisbilder” habe ich schon gewarter 😉 – Ich bin in Planung für nächstes Jahr … das steht auf jeden Fall auf meinem Wunschzettel-

  5. looks like a painting 🙂

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