on fire

Posted by on November 6, 2010 in Experiments | 8 comments

on fire
Last weekend I tried to capture matches the moment they get on fire. It is pretty hard to get the right moment. Almost all of the time I was a split second to late. On this shot I was able to capture the blue smoke which is created just the moment the match ignites.


  1. spectacular result

  2. Tom, der Aufwand hat sich gelohnt. Resultat ist sehr gelungen, vor allem der blaue Rauch gefällt mir.

  3. Great control of lighting and well placed in the frame. No doubt, you hit the shutter at the right time.

  4. Superresult Tom! I looked at your portfolio and you have a lot of amazing photo's. Also thanx for visiting my site today;-)
    Will keep an eye on your site ;-))

  5. Perfect. What a great shot. How many matches did you use?

  6. awesome colors and fume!

  7. nice 🙂

  8. Das ist ja eine zündene Idee, klasse Tom !

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