red colobus monkey

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red colobus monkey
The red colobus monkey is endemic to Zanzibar and can be seen in the Jozani Forest. Their hair style is really funny 🙂


  1. Wonderful portrait of this monkey.,
    I think he's got a bad hairday ;-))

  2. Putziges Kerlchen.

  3. Nice shot

  4. :o) Extremly nice hairdo!

  5. Oh my gosh how cute he is. Having a bad hair day? 😉

  6. Der sieht ja richtig gut aus, warst Du grad mit ihm beim Frisör?

  7. great looks and excellent details!

  8. Perfect shot and a great portrait

  9. Amazing photograph of this fascinating encounter. The color combo is awesome.

  10. Magnificent photo of this interesting and beautiful animal. Excellent colors and details.

  11. cute shot!!!

  12. Die Haarfrisur steht ihm.

  13. Klasse, ich liebe diesen kleinen Punk 😀

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