morning walk (4)

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morning walk (4)
Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail. – by Emerson, Ralph Waldo


  1. what a beautiful capture!

  2. Very nice mood in it. I like the "old film" effect.

  3. Wow, great landscape, great processing !

  4. The light and tones create a wonderful and serene mood here. Excellent capture of this beautiful scene.

  5. Beautiful lines in this photo Thomas!! Did you use a filter for the sky of is this a photoshop job?

  6. Fantastic landscape, well done ! I love it !

  7. schöne Arbeit, die Textur macht das Bild interssant in Verbindung mit der Tönung.

  8. Wirklich sehr schön und verträumt

  9. This awesome picture reminds me of old Dutch paintings. Your post-processing is remarkable here!

  10. Here I like the colors of light and your processing. also a great work.

  11. Wow, very impressive landscape ! Great processing ! My vote on coolphotoblog from France for you !

  12. Very impressive. The tones on this photo is incredible.

  13. absolument magnifique !

  14. Very nice. The added texture gave it more depth both in mood and feeling.

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