1. des yeux d'une vie incroyable de gaité. Un beau traitement en douceur

  2. What a fascinating face gnarled with age and scarred by a life of hard work. Great capture, Tom!

  3. Very cool black and white work, you have brought out all the little details in her face in such a graceful way!

  4. Der Crop wurde hervorragend gewählt.

  5. nice face and expression!

  6. great B&W portrait ! Congrats !

  7. great portrait !

  8. Ihr Gesicht als Spiegel ihres Lebens. Ein Glücksmoment für den Fotografen und für uns.

  9. I share Claus' opinion. You did nothing to hide what time had done to her face, but the treatment is kind to her nonetheless. I bet she has a million stories to tell.

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