in the streets in stonetown

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in the streets in stonetown
I watched this boy quite a while. He was sitting there playing with himself and having a lot of fun.


  1. Ein sehr emotionales Bild!

  2. Joyful shot captured perfectly!

  3. Great work.

  4. what a beautiful portrait, very special vision in this shade… really compliments

  5. Die ganze Lebensfreude hast Du in diesem Bild eingefangen … sehr schön!!

  6. (Y)

  7. Fantastic portrait 🙂 Have A Nice Day 🙂

  8. Precious shot!

  9. I love this shot, especially his pose and his cheeky grin.

  10. das ist ein sehr schönes photo. es zeigt die unbeschwerte seite der kindheit.

  11. Nice. Reminds me of being that age. Everything was either a drag or it was a huge adventure. There was not much in between.

  12. cool portrait !

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