swimmers dynamic

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swimmers dynamic
I tried a to do a panning shot which I failed. However, I like this shot since for me it expresses the dynamic and power of this sport.


  1. I think it's great. middle of the frozen motion and the motion blur but still recognizable as the movement is to go

  2. There is a great sense of energy and movement in this fantastic action shot. You have frozen the moment perfectly!

  3. Wonderful motion in this. Looks elegant.

  4. I really like this shot! It captures the energy and motion well, and moves beyond being a straight documentary shot into something more.

  5. This one is just GREAT! Congrats Tom

  6. Great motion picture.

  7. Great action shot, love the blur.

  8. This is the kind of shot I could only dream of getting. Really well done!

  9. the whole composition is filled with traffic, it's a great picture of Bravo!

  10. tolle Dynamik im Bild!!

  11. simply fantastic!

  12. SWIMMING 😀 😀

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