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I was amazed how this girl was having fun playing with a small ball which she threw against the wall and which afterwards she was trying to catch. Shot taken in Trinidad / Cuba.


  1. nice and funny street photo

  2. It's amazing how simple things can bring so much joy! good shot. i love the composition!

  3. She looks like she is having a ball – no pun intended!

  4. A wonderful action shot Thomas!!

  5. Your photographs from Cuba offer a fascinating glimpse into a fairly unfamiliar culture. I love your focus on people, which you captured with respect and dignity. Thanks for sharing this great work.

  6. der Crop ist wieder sehr gelungen. Ohne Erklärung hätte ich die Körperhaltung nicht ganz einordnen können, aber jetzt ist alles klar. Wir sollten unsere Gameboygeneration mal dort hinschicken. 😉

  7. that's a nice street shot!

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