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My name is Thomas, I live near Frankfurt and started my photographic endeavor in 2006  with my first travel to the african continent. What started harmlessly developed into a serious passion. When I find  spare time I walk out to take photos. Looking to my blog you will find photos from different subject areas but mostly from my travels. Reasons for that are twofold: First, when traveling I really have time and  secondly I usually chose my destination according to what I want to explore with my camera.

In the excellent book Within the Frame: The Journey of Photographic Vision (Voices That Matter) written by the  canadian photographer David duChemin, David writes about his own vision:

 “My own vision is a global one; I am most excited by people, places, and cultures that have not yet been overtaken by the creeping homogeny of the west. I love the color and texture of those places, the  vitality of live, and the ritual and symbolism of cultures not yet tyrannized by the need to wear the same jeans and believe the same things.”

Although, I am far away being that successful as David in implementing his vision, I have to admit his vision resonates very well with what drives me.  However, you will still find subject areas like wildlife photos or photos from the Frankfurt area in my blog.

In general, I appreciate any feedback be it positive or negative.

All photos and contents on this website are copyrighted by me, Thomas Krebs. Please ask for permission before you make use of my photos for private or business purposes.

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  1. Thomas,
    Meine Gratulation Deine Bilder sind hervorragend und auch deine Webseite [Blog] ist sehr schoen.

    Beste Gruesse und allzeit gut Licht


  2. endlich hat das Blog ein “Gesicht”. Sympathischer Mensch. Tolle neue Afrika Bilder. Danke für Deine fotografischen Visionen.

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